VCs are Interested in Latin America and 1 of These is in Colombia

Last night, after knocking down a few too many glasses of wine (and some JD) with an old Argentine friend who was passing by, I got home and started chatting with someone I admire a lot, Yuri Gitahy.  Yuri created an excellent fund called Aceleradora in Brazil and he mentioned an article in TechCrunch about a study that found that VCs are looking for start-ups in emerging markets. As if that wasn’t enough, a few friends, like Andres Barreto, commented that one of these VCs, Dave McClure, was actually visiting Colombia at the moment (accompanied by writer Sarah Lacey).

This is, by no means, an isolated event.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the time is now to create quality start-ups in Latin America. In the next three years things are certainly going to accelerate.  That’s why , as I announced in another post, Thomas Floracks and I will be transmitting every Tuesday at 7:30pm the TropicalGringo Show.  Part of the show will include a segment where one or two start-ups will present to us (even an idea) and we will provide guidance about how develop it better.  I’ll leave you with this: more and more you’ll notice that there is no scarcity of resources (investment, etc.), but a scarcity of excellent teams hooking up and focusing on world-class digital innovation.