Live. It’s Saturday Night from Campus Party: TropicalGringo Show

TropicalGringo at Campus PartyThis post has a lot of news in a tiny space.  The first one, as the title specifies, is that Thomas Floracks, VivReal CTO, and I will be transmitting live from Campus Party Colombia this Saturday at 7:30pm CST (in Spanish).  Thomas and I are judges for an initiative that Andres Barreto and Juan David Vargas are running for lean start-ups.  Andres actually quickly interviewed us and asked us to give some tips to entrepreneurs in Latin America.

So, I haven’t totally figured out the mechanics behind the whole streaming thing, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. :)

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

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  1. castrocmc says:

    Will you start podcasting this to keep a library of shows or in case you can't watch live?

  2. The idea is definitely to start streaming the TropicalGringo show once again on ustream, but we've had some false starts lately and hopefully in about a week we'll get going again.

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