The Tropical Future

Tropical FutureIt’s been quite a week.  I was finally able to write about a VC round closing in Colombia.  A local VC actually closed a $1.3M series A round with social gaming company, Zio Studios, based in Colombia.  This has been the talk of the town down here since VC investing is pretty non-existent here (although, private equity investing is pretty well-established).  It’s really another example of how things are changing making geography less of an obstacle and more of a choice of life.

Last week, I also wrote in a local portal called KienyKe about the stuff going on in the Middle East with the toppling of Mubarak in Egypt and the turmoil in the other countries.  In this new world we’re living in, if entrepreneurs aren’t connected to other world-class entrepreneurs and investors, it’s almost becoming a matter of choice.  As I said, geography is becoming less of an obstacle.

Even within the Latin American region, digital strategies that target the whole region used to emanate from countries such as Brazil and Mexico and, on occasion, from Argetina (Mercado Libre) or Chile.  Nevertheless, now companies such as PagosOnline with their Latin American Payments (see video) strategy and VivaReal are targeting Latin America all from a headquarters based in Colombia.

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