Excellent way to end the year – with a workshop

Digital Innovation WorkshopLast Wednesday, a group of 16 people and myself had an excellent time during the Digital Innovation Workshop that I directed at Microsoft’s offices in Bogota, Colombia.  For me, the best part was the interaction between the participants as well as between them and myself. It was a truly rewarding experience as I’m sure the next workshops will be also.

Each day, I’m astonished by the continual disruption happening in industry after industry where new competitors pop up from unexpected places in the same way that a computer company (Apple) disrupted the music business and the way that DVD rental-by-mail company (Netflix) disrupted the cable business.  We looked at these and many more examples and discussed the implications for each particpants’ businesses.  Participants came from companies such as Colmedica, Banco de Bogota, Belcorp, Legis, Intergrupo, Federacion de Cafeteros and others.

Finally, we ran through three interactive and stimulating exercises so that everyone would leave the workshop with the necessary tools to start rethinking their own businesses and collaborating with colleagues on how to proactively anticipate innovations in their own industry and innovate with new business models. It was truly a great group of people and I thank them for the stimulating discussions and the energy and passion that they put into this unique learning experience.

Digital Innovation Workshop from Tropical Gringo on Vimeo.

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  1. Julio Leite says:

    Alan, Congratulations, you are a leader, i am waiting the video…. Keep walking!!!..rsrs… Julio Leite (Brazil)

  2. Thanks, man! Appreciate your comments.