Social Media Week Bogota Presentation

Alan Colmenares - Social Media Week BogotaThe other day, I had the distinct pleasure of addressing a capacity crowd at Social Media Week Bogota.  I had been working hard on, among other things, launching an seed fund called Tayrona Ventures as well as helping launch a new flash sales startup called SuperTrendi and didn’t expect to have such a good time presenting on Friday.

I really enjoyed the audience and found them incredibly receptive to my message about how social media (among other digital tools) is changing the way companies do business and the general business environment. This environment is great for startups and for accelerators such as the Founder Institute of which I am Director in Colombia. I call this whole phenomenon Digital Innovation and explained it at length during my presentation.

Today, I was gratified to read Diana Luque’s impressions of my speech and the message I was trying to get out there.  I also put my presentation slides on Slideshare and was amazed to see how popular the slide deck became.  It was great to see this because, as I wrote in a post on the day of the presentation, I had been working hard on that deck the night before and for the first time used my new corporate image and brand of TG Coach although the website is still under construction.  Among the points I made during the presentation, was the fact that the advertising agency industry is coming under attack as mentioned in an article yesterday in Adweek.  Finally, I was quite flabbergasted to get two separate emails from Slideshare informing me that my presentation was one of their hottest pieces of content on Twitter and Linkedin and am showing a shot of the homepage at that moment here. :)

Social Media Week Bogota - Slideshare