Google Instant shows who’s the king of search

Google InstantGoogle just launched Google Instant to stream search results as you type.  The idea is to try to predict the results you are looking for as well as speed up the search process.  In the process, the company hopes that the user experience will be much improved as users need not click even once to obtain results.

In terms of user interface design, I really like the whole simplified design (with larger search box) and instant results.  This is most definitely a win for the company in terms of maintaining its dominance of the search market. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to look at what they launch in the social networking/gaming space when they unveil the Google Me project.  Though search will continue to be important, social media continues to pick up steam and could conceivably be a more important part of the user equation.

Thomas and I will discuss this on our weekly show (in Spanish).

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