Welcome to Tropical Gringo

I’m extremely exciting to launch my new blog, Tropical Gringo.  I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the name some positive a few not so positive, but it’s too late.  I love the name.  I think it comes closest to expressing (in a name) what I am.

I moved to Latin America about 15 years ago. At the time, I was living in Cupertino, California and muddling through life working for a number of Silicon Valley companies such as SCO, NetManage and Madge Networks, but no really headed in any particular connection.  My personal life also wasn’t really where I thought it should be.

I had moved to Silicon Valley from Pennsylvania where I grew up.  From elementary (Wilson) to high school and then on to Lehigh University for college and, finally, my first job at HRB-Singer were all in the Keystone State.   Moving out west (to California) seemed like the thing to do and that’s exactly what I did right before the earthquake in 1989.  It was definitely a fulfilling time making that move and hooking up with a great Peruvian girlfriend at the time.

Nevertheless, after 5 years out there, I definitely needed a change and decided to move down to the Country where my parents were from: Colombia.  I actually thought it would be a quick adventure, but it’s been 15 years and I’m still down here. When I moved down here in 1995, fortunately, the Internet was just taking off and I’ve always been able to keep up with the digital industry (IT at the beginning and now more towards web 2.0) through interesting web sites as well as by ordering beaucoup books on Amazon.

I’ve worked for a number of companies down here such as Compaq Computer, Oracle, SAS Institute and even worked as a Venture Capitalist at Intel Capital during a stint in Brazil and Mexico.  It’s been quite a ride and now I’ve become a web entrepreneur (a few months back).  On a personal level, I’ve managed to get married to a wonderful Colombian woman and we’re raising a great family, but there is something missing.  That something is that both my wife and I want to live on the coast next to a beach (we currently live up in the mountains).

I’ve decided that my best shot of living that type of life is becoming a web entrepreneur and am putting everything I have into it. Additionally, I’ve decided to document my journey with this blog.  I’ll probably bore most people to tears, but some might be interested in what I have to say.  I do hope that readers get a lot out of this blog and of any information that I post.

Nevertheless, what I’m really looking for is to learn a lot more from my readers than they learn from me.  I know that sounds super egotistical, but I’m unabashedly interested in getting tons of feedback from any and all readers, so please write in.  Not only will it make my life experience that much richer, I know that you are going to help me achieve my goal (living on the coast and working in the digital realm).

Well, there you have it. Welcome to the journey and looking forward to all of your comments.

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