Thinking about 2011

I’m not going to write a full-fledged predictions post, but have been thinking about what’s on the horizon in terms of big changes. First off, who knows what’s coming on the economic front, but when you have guys like GE CEO Jeff Immelt saying that we’re in a reset period, you know big things are happening on the digital innovation front.

In technology, it’s interesting to see the tablet movement as the virtual and physical worlds continue to meet (accessing digital information is becoming more transparent). Forrester just revised their tablet forecast and says that tablets should overtake laptops by 2015.

Finally, the whole cloud computing thing continues to accelerate. The disruptive power of this technology which levels the playing field for smaller companies that want to “act” biggger and bigger companies that want to “act” more agile, continues to play out. As BusinessWeek published a couple of days ago, the M&A activity in cloud computing will really heat up in the coming year as HP and others look to buy their way into innovation.

Finally, I’m pretty psyched about the kick-off of the Foundation Institute initiative here in Colombia and expect a good turn out of people attending the launch event.  Last night, I finished my next Kienyke article about  this launch and hope to get interesting feedback from it.

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