Recent Contributions to Other Blogs

It’s been a busy start of the year.  I’ve been contributing articles to a number of blogs and it’s been an extremely satisfiying experience.  Aside from meeting new people, it helps improve my writing (in English and in Spanish).  Among my posts is one dedicated to my thesis that a Twitter-Amazon alliance makes sense as well as a profile of a new social software startup in Argentina called JoinCube.  In Spanish, I wrote a number of posts for my friend, Jesus Hoyos’ blog and for PulsoSocial, a Latin American technology blog founded by the impressive Andres Barreto.

Unfortunately, this has effected the number of posts that I’ve uploaded to my own blog, but I plan on rectifying this.  Although I have been writing a lot (and working a lot), it hasn’t showed as much because of these endeavors.  Nevertheless, I am committed to posting more on this blog and alerting you on my Facebook fan page.

The coming year will certainly be interesting.  I believe that the economic environment will be even more challenging (and for an extended period of time); social media will continue to penetrate further into the web’s fabric and the mobile web will have a profound effect on the total web experience.  Basically, it’s a perfect storm of factors that will drive a lot of change not only into the web, but into our lives.  It’s a great time to be writing about digital innovation!

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