I’m back

Im backWow. It’s been a while.  I’ve been working on a number of initiatives this year that seem to be coming to fruition shortly and I’ll be posting more religiously once I settle into my new routine.  There’s a lot happening in the startup front in Latin America and, now, in Colombia.  Nonetheless, Colombia certainly has a lot of catching up to do especially when compared to peers such as Brazil and Argentina (the leaders) without mentioning up and comers Chile and Mexico.

One thing that’s happened is that a fellow writer from VentureBeat named Conrad Egusa moved down to Medellin from New York City several months back and he recently set up an amazing coworking space in that city called Espacio.  I’ve asked Conrad to write a guest post which will be appearing shortly.

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  1. @Piris says:

    Hey Alan! Que bueno volver a leerte. Tendremos que ir a Medellin a conocer Espacio. Saludos!

  2. De acuerdo, Jorge! Gracias por el comentario.

  3. Camilo Uribe says:

    In this website disqus didn't show my avatar(from gravatar) so I have to create an account on disqus and upload a picture

  4. Gaston Bilder says:

    Alan. Un gusto poder leerte nuevamente. Me alegro de que las cosas progresen en Medellín.