The Multifaceted Ricardo Guerrero

TropicalGringo and Ricardo GuerreroToday, I had the pleasure of meeting Ricardo Guerrero during his brief visit to Bogota, Colombia.  We’ll be seeing more of each other during South by Southwest (SxSW) next week, but it was great meeting in person.  We had an enjoyable breakfast and, afterwards, as I smoked my stogie and annoyed him with my cigar smoke, he talked about how he got into Social Media.  After creating a radio show in Texas and working at that for a while, among other things, he started working for Dell Computer.  Then, in 2007 after a visit to SxSW, he got introduced to Twiiter and found a way to use it to sell refurbished PCs for Dell Outlet. Now that’s digital innovation.

Ricardo has a new company called Stwittergy which is developing a tool to help businesses better use Twitter to achieve business objectives.  He also has his own agency aptly named Social Media Dynamo.  Nevertheless, he’s not completely disconnected from his Latin American roots and is working with colleague and friend Fernando LaBastida in setting up the first Americas IT Forum the day before SxSW (next week) in Austin.

I was able to record a small portion of our chat and here it is:

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