Sequoia Backs iPhone Game Developer Unity With $5.5 Million

A few days ago, I wrote a post about entrepreneur Ricardo Quesada who is the technical lead of the open source iPhone game development platform called Cocos2d. Now comes the news that Sequoia and some Angels have invested in Unity who “plays” in the same space. Interestingly, Unity reports less customers (325) than Cocos2d.

Sequoia and the Angels have most certainly laid out some funds because they see excellent growth in this space.  Aside from this, I’m sure they were favorably impressed with Unity’s offering and its management team.  Ricardo is hard at work at polishing his product, which is on it’s 0.82 release.  Nevertheless, as soon as he finishes this phase, it would be great if he could build a team (I’m sure he can build a capable one) and get one or more backers to fulfill the potential of Cocos2d. Go Ricardo Go!

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