Adobe Switches from Checkers to Chess

Yesterday’s announcement concerning Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture signifies the first salvo in a race to establish leadership in what the company calls an “integrated workflow—with optimization capabilities embedded in the creation tools.”  It’s clear that Adobe’s digital innovation vision is to redefine the process of the creation and deployment of digital iniciatives.

According to Forrester, the market for Web Analytics is set to grow at a CAGR of 17% reaching almost $1B by 2014.  The company foresees a market where analytics and optimization solutions are embedded within marketing applications.  Apparently, Adobe believes this is the case and yesterday embarked on a road to make this vision a reality.

Adobe Plays Digital Innovation Chess

Adobe Plays Digital Innovation Chess

During the conference call that accompanied the announcement, both companies expressed optimism about the synergies they would be able to exploit.  One of these is the large installed base of Adobe customers that have a need for such tools, but are not yet Omniture customers. This is particularly true among Adobe’s customers for it’s Creative Suite product line.

In the end, such a pairing will only mean that analytics and optimization technologies will become more readily available and penetrate deeper into more digital marketing initiatives.  Adobe and its competitors will push continual innovations and as well as wider market adoption. Nevertheless, the need for experienced and knowledgeable Analytics professionals will only increase as customer seek assistance in making sense of increasing volumes of web data in order to make better decisions and achieve their marketing and business goals.

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